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GS 24: Hand Sanitizer

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GS 75: Surface Antimicrobial

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GS 85: Surface Cleaner

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GS 5: Antimicrobial Concentrate

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Electrostatic Sprayers

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Getting back to work these days can be scary. Especially since bacteria can propagate even after it dies and alcohol-based sanitizers are not only flammable, but they lose their ability to kill germs immediately after drying.

Only Goldshield’s nano-molecular-assembly technology prevents these bacteria from propagating without the flammability, giving you confidence to return to your job knowing you are protected.

Goldshield provides an invisible, durable micro-biostatic and biocidal finish that protects against bio-deterioration by inhibiting microbial growth.

Facts at a glance

Water-based & odorless

Non-toxic &

Safe for children

Doesn't damage medical equipment

Contains a gentle moisturizer

UV resistance

Low surface tension

Kills 99.9% of germs


  • Applies fast and easily
  • No more cracked skin
  • Leaves a residual protection that continues to kill germs long after it's applied
  • Effective over a broad pH range (3-10)
  • Has a long in-bottle shelf life typically over a year and a half
  • Does not pose the risk of genetic adaptation
  • Provides anti-static properties to surfaces
  • Cost effective since a single application (surface cleaner) lasts up to 30-90 days

Goldshield gives you the confidence to get back to your activities safely.
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