Seal and protect in three steps with low pressure molding

What is Technomelt Low Pressure Molding Technology?

Technomelt is a fast and sustainable alternative to traditional potting. It allows you to encapsulate, seal & protect electronic assembly in three simple steps: Insert, mold and test.

What does Technomelt do best?

Technomelt maximizes throughput and material yield in your production processes and finished products.

How it works

Traditional multi-step, multi-material PCB protection methods often lead to material waste, production downtime and poorly finished products. Technomelt reduces material consumption and eliminates long cure times for streamlined, more reliable low-pressure molding applications.


  • Complete watertight encapsulation
  • No cure
  • Temperature and solvent resistant materials
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Strain relief
  • Fast cycle times
  • Reduced equipment footprint
  • Minimum maintenance required

Common Applications

  • Encapsulation of electronic assembly
  • Sealing connectors
  • Switches, automotive, electronic and medical sensors
  • LED lighting

Streamline PCB protection with TECHNOMELT low pressure molding.

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