Build stronger, lighter products with Henkel structural adhesives

If you’re looking for better bonding solutions for your industrial bonding requirements, Henkel structural adhesives provide limitless design possibilities to achieve tough yet light structures across industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Overcome complex engineering challenges like varying thermo expansion coefficients, electrical conductivities, and joining materials that may be difficult to weld.

Acrylic Structural Adhesives

Henkel acrylic structural adhesives offer advanced cured and uncured properties that enable greater flexibility and efficiency when joining multi-metal substrates, and help to ensure structural integrity, lightweighting, durability and aesthetics.

Structural Adhesives for Plastics

Lightweight, durable, acrylic and polyurethane structural adhesive formulas from Henkel are engineered specifically to address plastic and composite bonding applications in which high-strength adherence and environmental resistance is required.

Epoxy Structural Adhesives

Often used with applications where metal bonding is required, epoxy structural adhesives are extremely versatile with high thermal and chemical resistance and are relied upon heavily in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries.

Benefits of Henkel Structural Adhesives

Enable lightweighting

Reduce NVH

Improve fatigue life

Uniform weight distribution over the substrate

Improve aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners

Mulit-substrate bonding (dissimilar substrate materials)

Fast processing speeds

Reduce labor costs

LOCTITE Equipment

From volumetric dispensing systems to hand-held dispensing guns, Hisco offers a wide range of dispensing solutions for your Loctite adhesives to help you improve reliability and performance and get consistent results.

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