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KleenGuard coveralls - Unmatched protection and comfort from head to toe

Safety is always a priority in critical processes such as pharmaceutical and high-end manufacturing, electronic assembly and spray painting. With Kleenguard disposable coveralls you don't have to choose between safety and productivity to get high-level protection against hazardous and non-hazardous contaminants and liquid splashes.

Kleenguard protective coveralls are engineered with patented Reflex technology that doesn't tear or rip, providing premium comfort and ease of movement to execute tasks efficiently and without restriction.

Made with lightweight materials for enhanced breathability and optimal comfort, Kleenguard disposable protective coveralls deliver a cool and comfortable fit with an exceptional particle and liquid holdout.

At a glance:

A20 Dry particle and light liquid spray protection Shop A20 Series
A30 Splash particle protection Shop A30 Series
A35 Hazardous liquid splashes, dust and dirt protection Shop A35 Series
A40 Debris, non-hazardous liquid chemicals and dry particulates protection Shop A40 Series

Industrial Applications Include:

A20 A30 A35 A40
Metal Manufacturing
Aerospace surface prep and paint
Pharmaceutical research
Maintenance and general manufacturing
Pressure washing and painting
Sewage work
Fiberglass manufacturing
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  • Reduce coverall over-usage and disposal
  • Increase worker compliance and productivity
  • Eliminate need for additional aprons
  • Reduce cost and waste

Main Features:

  • Anti-static protection
  • Superior airflow
  • Low linting
  • Patented Reflex design

Kimberly Clark Kleenguard coveralls are available in different sizes and styles including collared and hooded options for the A35 and A40 series and several color choices in all four series.

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