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Specialized materials for medical device manufacturing and assembly environments

Meeting medical device manufacturing (MDM) assembly guidelines is a must. Hisco understands. We've been building an arsenal of supplies, equipment and specialized materials for years. From cleanroom apparel, wipes and cleaners, to ESD/EMI monitoring and shielding bags, to specialty adhesives and high-quality soldering products, Hisco has your essentials.

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Device assembly adhesives and tapes
We carry hundreds of industrial adhesives and tapes including pressure sensitive tapes and low surface energy adhesives.

Cleaning and contamination control
From cleanroom mops, swabs and wipes to apparel, chairs and mats, we're stocked with products to help you minimize contamination.

Needle bonding
Select from an assortment of medical device and UV light cure adhesives, including epoxies and acrylics for needle bonding or for joining hard-to-bond substrates.

Critical environments manufacturing and assembly
Your productions need protection. Hisco offers key products for managing electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) including shielding tapes and bags and signal detection monitors.

Product component labeling and identification
Whether you're out in the field or in the lab, we offer dozens of portable and desktop printers, as well as thousands of labels including ones made to withstand autoclaves and liquid nitrogen environments.

Fabrication and prototyping
From prototypes to custom converting, Hisco’s Precision Converting division can help you materialize your ideas.

Custom packaging and containerization
Need adhesives, sealants or silicones repackaged or–require custom tube, bottle, syringe or foil barrier injection packaging? Hisco's Adhesives Materials Group (AMG) makes the process simple.

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  • Highly-trained sales staff - Work with one of the most admired sales forces in the medical device manufacturing industry. Count on extensive experience and dependable, trusted guidance.
  • Location, location, location - Looking to stay local with your inventory and support? Find Hisco branches in major medical device design centers across the country including Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas and Boston.
  • Private label products - Save money with our high-quality, in-stock private label inventory.
  • Documented cost savings (DCS) - From manufacturing and design process improvements to vendor managed inventory–let us show you the money. (DCS to date - $120 million)