Hisco National Accounts Program

Hisco Goes The Distance To Bring You More

When it comes to relationships, why settle for less? Get the most out of your partnership with Hisco through our National Accounts Program — created to help you bring your entire company together. Communication is our commitment to you — and, with a dedicated National Accounts support team working between multiple sites, you'll have access to unique pricing, custom solutions, standardized terms and more... throughout your organization.

As a member of our National Accounts Program, you'll receive more than just your fair share of our attention — with benefits extending from coast to coast, and throughout North America. From dedicated support to standardized practices, you'll come to rely on our many exclusive program advantages.

Benefits within reach

  • Dedicated local support team to help coordinate activities, ensure compliance and maintain standardization
  • Premier products and enhanced technical support
  • Custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs
  • Uniform pricing across multiple sites
  • Standardized terms & conditions and service level agreements
  • Comprehensive supply chain solutions
  • Customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and vending solutions
  • eCommerce solutions for electronic transactions
  • Sharing of best practices across multiple sites
  • Documented Cost Savings tracking and sharing throughout your organization
  • Dedicated local stock for critical products through 35 stocking locations