Oil & Gas

Harsh temperatures, aggressive chemicals, intense pressure, and extreme conditions… these challenges are everyday realities for those working in the oil & gas industry. Be ready for whatever the environment throws your way with Hisco’s complete range of solutions developed for down-hole tooling, refining, transportation and the seismic industry.

Our Authorized Partners

Fuel your success with specialty products for the oil & gas industry

  • Bonding and sealing tapes and adhesives
  • Potting and encapsulating products
  • Cable void fill
  • Shrink tube and flexible film protection
  • Belt, disc, wheel, roll and sheet abrasives
  • MRO solutions
  • Head-to-toe safety products
  • High temperature soldering solutions

Key oil & gas industry solutions developed for a range of applications

  • Down-hole tooling
  • Seismic cable and service loop work
  • Vibration dampening
  • Stabilization
  • High temperature soldering
  • Tool and cable protection
  • Plating
  • 200o + Celsius evironments