Our Mission

We are committed to our role as a trusted solutions provider with profitable growth through investment, innovation, and operational excellence.

Our purpose at Hisco is to be a preferred distributor to our customers; to be a fair and caring employer; and to have an honest, respected relationship with our suppliers. Thus, we are proud to live a work culture governed by our core values: Integrity, Customer Urgency, Accountability, Respectful, and Employee Ownership.

We believe in growth and seek opportunities to expand our company while maintaining a solid financial base. We believe in ESOP as a strategic method to assure continuity, encourage ownership, provide incentives, and enable attractive financing.

We feel a strong commitment to people, including every person at Hisco and with whom we have contact. Therefore, we strive to be ethical, honest and compassionate.

A letter from our CEO

For five decades, Hisco has delivered quality products and exceptional customer service. Over the years, the types of products and the value-added services have evolved. Still, customer satisfaction has remained at the heart of our business philosophy. This philosophy has never been more apparent than today. At Hisco, we understand the global pressures of our industry and the need to create and define value for our customers. Therefore, we seek solutions that focus on the reduction of your total costs.

Our future depends on winning your trust today. So, allow us to share with you the spirit of Hisco: employee-owners who are committed to our mutual success through continuous improvement. Thank you for your consideration and continued support of Hisco.

Bob Dill
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hisco Core Values

Integrity We do not compromise on moral, legal or ethical issues.
Customer Urgency We exist to deliver Fast, Friendly Service; everything we do starts with a sense of urgency.
Accountability We continually improve individual and organizational competency and hold one another accountable to measurable results.
Respectful We treat all people with dignity and have respectful, candid conversations, always seeking the truth.
Employee Ownership We are driven by a deep commitment to Employee Ownership, sharing the wealth with those who create it.
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