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Total cost reduction with Solvay’s customized vacuum bagging kits

Customized kitting consists in pre-cutting consumables (vacuum bagging film, breather fabric, release film) to predetermined shapes and dimensions, right through to producing complex, multi-layer, integrated vacuum bag assemblies. This reduces the total manufacturing costs by improving process control and quality.

Image of a Typical Vacuum Layup
  1. Vacuum bagging film
  2. Breather fabric
  3. Release film
  4. Peel ply/release fabric
  5. Sealant type
  6. Composite material
  7. PTFE tool release
  8. Mould

Types of customized bagging kits

  1. Basic Kits, high-volume, low-complexity
    • Slit width materials
    • Pre-cut vacuum bagging film with sealant tape placed on the perimeter
  2. Intermediate kits
    • Packs of simple, rectangular cut shapes
    • Part-sealed envelope bags (turkey bags)
  3. Complex kits
    • Tailored, part-specific cut shapes
    • Combinable with reusable/welded bags

Shift to efficient manufacturing with Solvay.

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