3M Tapes


A line of 3M industrial adhesive, pressure sensitive tapes specially formulated and developed for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. Types include solvent acrylic adhesives, rubber adhesives and custom-developed tapes. Used extensively in the construction and building industries.

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Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Bonds foams, plastics, metals and composites; resists degradation within a large range of environmental conditions.

Double Coated Tapes

Double-sided tape with high adhesion; used for bonding to irregular surfaces like concrete block and as a thick, aggressive splicing tape.

Duct Tapes/Wrap

Adheres to most surfaces; used in bundling, moisture proofing, sealing, splicing and reinforcing applications.

Foam Tape

Aggressive, high-tack adhesive; creates a strong, durable bond on smooth and irregular surfaces.

Line Set Tapes

UV resistant, bi-axially oriented polypropylene tape with an acrylic adhesive.

Specialty Tapes

A large variety of tapes offering solutions for stopping air leakage in freezers and coolers; sealing flexible air duct and air connectors and for keeping the inside of ducts clean.

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