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Ensure superb image quality and comfort with Vision Engineering microscopes

Photo of the Vision Engineering EVO CAM 2

Vision Engineering is a world expert in ergonomic microscopy, digital 3D visualization and metrology solutions, with over 60 years of experience in high-performance magnification and precision measurement.

Ideal for intricate tasks that require high-resolution 3D stereo viewing in industries such as electronics, biomedical, plastics, automotive, aerospace and more, Vision Engineering delivers solutions designed for enhanced productivity, quality and comfort.

Evo Cam II

Powerful high-definition digital microscope designed for consistency, versatility and convenience

  • Ultra-sharp image quality with full autofocus and optical magnification up to 760x
  • Full 360° inspection without the need to manipulate subjects under magnification
  • User setup completed in minutes to view and capture full HD images
  • Intuitive design ensures successful operability for even minimally trained users

Mantis Microscope

Award-winning range of 3D stereo microscopes with unmatched ergonomic design

  • Superior ergonomics provides exceptional comfort for improved efficiency and productivity
  • High-resolution 3D imaging provides unparalleled clarity and precision
  • Advanced magnification features with built-in LED illumination ensure quality inspection of assemblies, repairs and reworks, sample preparation and dissection, and more

Interested in EVO CAM-II or Mantis?

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