Cost Efficient

No Debris

Automatic On/Off

Clean tips in an instant with the NEW Weller WATC100 Automatic Tip Cleaner

The next phase of WXSmart solder station accessories has arrived! Designed to improve processes, efficiency and performance, the new Weller WATC100 Automatic Tip Cleaner featuring auto on/off functionality offers the potential to double soldering tip life with proper use and improves heat transfer to ensure high-quality results. Engineered for universal use with all soldering tips and tweezers, the new WATC100 Automatic Tip Cleaner offers advanced flexibility for busy and demanding soldering environments and high-quality, consistently repeatable results.

Why Invest in the Weller WATC100 Automatic Tip Cleaner?

  • Universal cleaning regardless of brand for unmatched flexibility
  • Improved heat transfer ensures high-quality, repeatable results
  • Potential to extend tip life up 2x compared to manual cleaning
  • Ensures control of the soldering process to eliminate potential debris
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain with automatic on/off activation
  • A range of brushes is available for various cleaning intensities
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