Automated precision and performance with the new Weller WTBR benchtop soldering robot

Fully automated and equipped, the new Weller WTBR 1000 is the next-generation benchtop soldering robot for industrial applications. It features on-point, smooth pulling solder feed and an accurate temperature system to reduce solder waste and improve soldering quality.

The Weller WTBR 1000 can carry out most hand-soldering applications with increased speed and performance. You can rely on Weller’s half a century of experience in soldering to help you achieve production excellence through advanced automation.

Why the Weller WTBR 1000 benchtop soldering robot?

  • Highest soldering precision and superior reliability
  • Maximum productivity, lowering cost
  • Easy to learn and use software
  • Integrated fume extraction system protects operator, workpiece and equipment
Weller WTBR 1000 Soldering Robot

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