Only Hisco has partnered with 3M to bring you the guaranteed refurbishing solution for mobile office trailers.

  • 5+ years' corrosion and water protection
  • Repairs gaps that are too big for caulking
  • Cost effective-uses less product
  • Less labor intensive
  • Dries faster-paintable within one hour
  • On-site training available

Restore your roof in 3 easy steps

  1. Stir 3M 320
  2. Prepare surface and apply 3M 320
  3. Got gaps? Apply 3M 4411 tape, and seal edges with 3M 320

Need to caulk the inside, too? No problem! Seal and protect more with 3M 540 polyurethane sealant around windows and doors.

Simplify mobile trailer sealing with the 3M seal of approval.

Corrosion. Water leakage. Rust. Mobile office trailers are continually at war with the elements. Combating them used to mean layer upon layer of sealants, caulking and patching—every year. Until now.

Today you only need one thin coat of 3M 320 sealant and 3M 4411 extreme sealing tape. And that’s it. This new—and tested!—process is fully backed by the experts at 3M for five full years. Less mess way less often. Competing products must be applied annually, but not the 320 process. Why waste time and labor sealing every year if you can repair and maintain every five? Give your roof the seal of approval, and give yourself a high five.

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