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Hisco is more than just a distributor. As North America's largest distributor of industrial assembly materials, Hisco is dedicated to forward-focused solutions that are more reliable, efficient and designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of an increasingly automated world. Our comprehensive selection of high-quality products alongside our custom converting, repackaging and inventory management services support engineers, technicians and production managers at every step of the process, so they can focus on what they do best — designing, building and maintaining innovative industrial solutions.

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Services Spanning the Entire Industrial Lifecycle

Industrial Research, Design & Prototype

It begins with a concept. You're working through challenges like bonding dissimilar substrates or tackling an unanticipated production line snag. You've begun to explore new materials and methodologies to enhance performance, reliability and efficiency. Finally, you'll transform those theoretical ideas into physical prototypes — effectively turning your dreams into reality. At Hisco, we empower industry innovators to achieve the impossible, beginning with the Industrial Research, Design & Prototype stage. Our thoughtfully structured services were created in support of your path to success.

  • Custom Converting — Precision Converting, a Division of Hisco and a 3M Preferred Converter, can customize, convert and fabricate high-quality components based on your requirements to help you bring your products to the market faster.
  • Custom Adhesives Repackaging — Adhesive Materials Group (AMG), a division of Hisco, improves your bottom line through customized adhesives packaging solutions based on application, storage and quality needs to reduce costs and help you drive profitability.

Industrial Assembly

It's the most critical step of the production process. Once you reach the Industrial Assembly stage, reliability, efficiency and mechanical stability are paramount. But wait! Before you go any further, now's the time to circumvent any potential challenges. Fortunately, Hisco offers services to help you successfully navigate the assembly process, from asset tracking to eliminating the possibility of unplanned stockouts and more.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory — We delve beneath the surface to create Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions designed to reduce hidden costs, increase production and alleviate professional pain points.
  • RFID Smart Factory Solutions — Ensure accurate, real-time visibility of your manufacturing operations, assets and materials. With a focus on Industry 4.0, our platform can integrate with any ERP system and is compatible with IoT ready devices.
  • Durable Labels & Industrial Printing — Industrial products require labeling solutions that stand up to the elements. Our custom industrial labels are designed from materials engineered to withstand even the harshest environments.

Industrial Distribution & Support

You've finished the hard part. Your masterpiece is complete — so, what now? Our full-scale, custom kitting solutions empower you to dedicate valuable resources to increase your core operations rather than waste that talent on packaging and fulfillment. Unlike other kitting companies, Hisco already knows your business — and kitting is a natural extension of our successful distribution, shipping and warehousing capabilities.

  • Custom Kitting Solutions —With Hisco, you can count on all-in-one pricing at our lowest possible cost, perfectly timed delivery and customer service including a dedicated sales representative and resident kitting expert.
  • Documented Cost Savings —Since 2002, we've helped customers like you achieve nearly $200 million in cost avoidances and savings through process, design and supply chain improvements alone. We don't just create value; we document it. We'll supply you with a cost reduction form for your authorization to illustrate both direct and indirect benefits of each cost savings event.

...And Beyond

At Hisco, we understand that your unique requirements may extend beyond the industrial manufacturing lifecycle alone, and our unique National Accounts Program offers a host of benefits to large customers with multiple locations. Hisco is also a certified full-service Maquiladora providing solutions for Mexico's electronics, automotive, medical, electrical and aerospace industries since 1998.

  • National Accounts Program — Want exclusive benefits like unique pricing, standardized terms and more? With Hisco's National Accounts Program, you'll enjoy many advantages across multiple sites in North America.
  • Maquiladora/IMMEX — Through our in-house legal support and certified customs brokers customers can import, procure and stock mission-critical products in Mexico while taking advantage of a tax-free environment.
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