Solder Wire

Kester solder wire provides superior wetting performance for hand soldering in the electronics industry.

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Flux Thinner

Designed to maximize flux efficiency, Kester flux thinners are used to reduce solids or replace evaporated flux.

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Flux Pens

Engineered specifically for rework and touch-ups, Kester flux pens ensure controlled flux application and eliminate mess.

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About Kester

Kester is a leading global supplier of assembly materials for the electronics assembly, semiconductor, and automotive industries serving a worldwide customer base with facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Their product portfolio includes various primary and high-tech attachment materials and traditional soldering chemicals, paste, wire, and bar products, now available through Hisco.

Kester's products are known worldwide for their high quality and advanced technology. And through their ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certifications, Kester ensures its dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

Improve soldering performance with Kester. Contact Hisco to get the product right for your application.