Real-time factory floor visibility at your fingertips with Hisco RFID technology

What we can help with

Materials tracking

Get real-time alerts when stock is running low, alerts to expiring material and more. Ideal for solder paste, adhesives, and chemicals.

Asset tracking

Track expensive tools throughout facility through geo-fencing and get alerts when tools are due for maintenance and more.

Chemical management

Track chemicals, adhesives, sealants and more throughout the facility and get alerts when they are due to expire.

Powered by , Hisco RFID solutions for inventory management go beyond affixed RFID tags on parts. We streamline your production through real-time asset and materials tracking for factory floor visibility at your fingertips.

Our sensor-based tracking provides accurate stocks data with complete, real-time visibility and intelligent alerts to eliminate shortages of supply, track asset expiration and calibration schedules, and get notified immediately if an expired asset is used in production.

Track parts, equipment, and tools, and view the locations where they were last seen on a software map. You can monitor and locate any asset, tool, or consumable from a simple mobile app and a handheld RFID reader.


Hisco RFID technology enables you to:

Make tracking and location of assets and materials easy and cost efficient

Reduce operating costs

Free up warehouse space

Avoid supply chain disruptions due to supplier stock-outs

Improve deliveries

Enhance shelf life management

Why Hisco for RFID?

  • Hisco RFID technology and tracking software eliminate manual data entry, barcode scanning and cycling counting
  • Requires less human intervention which may cause errors
  • Our software makes it easy to view stock levels, track your assets and more
  • Less costly production disruptions including stock outs that cause line down, expiring material fees, misplaced assets, and more
  • Mobile notifications for low stock items, expensive tools leaving the facility and more
  • Big improvements to material and asset tracking with very little change to process needed from employees using the tools and materials
  • Proven record in efficient inventory management for the aerospace, defense, electronic and assembly, and medical device manufacturing industries

RFID hardware configuration & options

  • Virtual Consumption Points
  • Standard Towers / Mini Towers
  • Stand-alone Audit Tool
  • Multiple Tower Capability

Factory floor efficiency begins with Hisco RFID solutions. Complete the form to learn more.