"Smart Factory" Solutions with Hisco's RFID Software Platform

Powered by Xemelgo, Hisco’s suite of RFID solutions enables accurate, real-time visibility of your manufacturing operations, assets and materials. With a focus on Industry 4.0, our platform can integrate with any ERP system and is compatible with IoT ready devices. With machine learning built in, our software analyzes data and provides feedback that will help you make decisions that will reduce risk, minimize loss and improve your overall process.

Asset Tracking

Our solution allows for real-time visibility with location tracking supported by our Tag Locator feature. Tag Locator enables you to manually search for a product or track calibration dates, while automatic alerts help you maintain critical calibration schedules.

  • Audits without downtime
  • Replenishment recommendations
  • "Tag locator" feature

Work In Progress

Our Work In Progress solution enables you to identify and track work orders throughout the manufacturing process. With real-time geo tracking, this solution provides visibility of jobs in process.

  • Gain insight during each stage of production
  • Provide clients with a solid understanding of timeframes

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our inventory solution is focused on automating the replenishment process and transforming shelf-life materials into “Smart Materials,” making it easier to identify, monitor and manage expiring materials on the factory floor.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Stocking alerts

Build continuous improvement with Hisco's cost-driven solutions for IOT.

Right-size your inventory

Keep expired materials off the floor

Avoid fines due to expired materials discovered during customer audits

Eliminate loss and replacement costs associated with misplaced assets

Eliminate risk and down-time associated with non-calibrated items

Track workflow and identify opportunities for process improvement

Improve the overall customer experience

Hisco’s partnership with Xemelgo, alongside our network of select 3rd party hardware and tag partners, enables us to provide complete end-to-end solutions to help you bring your “Smart Factory” to life.

RFID Site Assessments

At Hisco, we prefer a holistic approach to RFID support services and solutions, thoroughly assessing each environment and data collection point to provide insightful recommendations through our unique RFID Site Survey Assessment. This survey is designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements to deploy a successful RFID installation.

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