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Responsible Solder Reclamation

Environmental crusaders seeking maximum return on solder dross and waste recycling need look no further than Alpha, where responsible reclamation begins. Benefit from the experience of North America's most knowledgeable solder manufacturer and recycler with Alpha's safe, effective waste stream management programs.

Maquiladora Services

Our wholly-owned subsidiary in Mexico supports mission-critical operations with 10 key stocking locations. Learn how HiscoMex delivers documented value and integrated services to customers from Tijuana to Celaya.

A Quality Commitment

Our customers are at the core of everything we do—from stocking high-quality products to providing seamless transactions and on-time shipments. Because how we do business affects your business, we strive every day to provide you with exceptional customer service and money-saving, value-added extras to help increase your productivity and bottom line.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Lower costs. Increase efficiency. Find your sweet spot with a custom VMI solution. Whether you choose a time-saving tool crib or a full-vending system, optimize your inventory at a savings we'll gladly document.

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