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Why settle for subpar? Our latest 3M structural acrylic adhesives bond efficiently for even better performance.

A stronger, tougher new generation of 3M Scotch-Weld structural acrylic adhesives has arrived. Say goodbye to traditional bonding applications like rivets, screws or spot welding — which threaten to raise manufacturing costs by increasing the weight of the final product, lengthening production times and inviting water intrusion. The latest 3M Scotch-Weld structural acrylic adhesives outperform traditional fasteners with lighter, more advanced bonding and sealing in a single operation for superior performance, advanced strength and unmatched durability.

8600 series application image

8600 Series 3M Scotch-Weld Flexible Acrylic Adhesive

  • Bonds a wide variety of substrates
  • Minimal surface prep and fast cure time
  • Flexible like a sealant with high elongation up to 200%
  • Low read-through of adhesive bond line
  • Withstands stresses between dissimilar material CTEs
  • Low-odor formulation, non-flammable classification
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8700 series application image

8700 Series 3M Scotch-Weld Low Odor Acrylic Adhesive

  • Works with plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and active metals
  • Minimal surface prep
  • Low-odor formula with non-flammable classification
  • Low-temperature performance (-40°C)
  • Excellent peel and impact performance
  • Non-corrosive to steel and other active metals
  • No GHS08 Health Hazard classification
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8900 series application image

8900 Series 3M Scotch-Weld Nylon Bonder Structural Adhesive

  • Structurally bonds to nylon (polyamides)
  • Minimal surface prep
  • No plasma or flame treatment required
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel and other metals that are commonly joined to nylon
  • Ideal for elevated temperatures and high humidity applications
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Benefits of 3M structural acrylic adhesives

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Replace traditional fasteners
Enhanced aesthetics and lightweighting with the strength of a structural acrylic and the flexibility of a sealant.

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Enhanced productivity
Minimal surface prep required, with faster cure rates and advanced rate of strength.

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High impact resistance
Over 10x the side impact strength of similar adhesives. Build stronger products for challenging applications.

longer shelf life icon

Longer shelf life and easier storage
Formulations have a 12-18 month shelf life without refrigeration — more than double that conventional acrylic adhesives.

Say hello to a bold new generation of 3M structural acrylic adhesives. Explore your options with the experts at Hisco.

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