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Get fast, easy adhesion with more flexibility and strength with 3M Acrylic Adhesives

Achieve reliable, long-term bonding of dissimilar substrates with 3M structural acrylic adhesives. These adhesives are specifically created for designers, engineers and manufacturers who demand efficient adhesion and design flexibility.

With 3M Scotch-Weld acrylic adhesive you can bond most plastics, aluminum, steel and oily metal surfaces. 3M acrylic adhesives can also tolerate extreme temperatures, provide excellent structural strength, and peel and impact resistance to help you increase throughput and productivity.

3M structural acrylic adhesives are fast and easy to apply and are available in low-odor and non-flammable formulations without GHS08 health hazard classification for a more comfortable and safer workplace.

Benefits of 3M structural acrylic adhesives

Replace traditional fasteners
Enhanced aesthetics and lightweighting with the strength of a structural acrylic and the flexibility of a sealant.
Enhanced productivity
Minimal surface prep required, with faster cure rates and advanced rate of strength.
High impact resistance
Over 10x the side impact strength of similar adhesives. Build stronger products for challenging applications.
Longer shelf life and easier storage
Formulations have a 12-18 month shelf life without refrigeration – more than double that conventional acrylic adhesives.

Solve performance challenges with 3M structural acrylic adhesives

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