3M Electronics - High Temperature Tapes

Extreme temperatures? 3M high temperature tape rises to the occasion.

Elevate performance to the highest standards, and turn up reliability while you're at it. 3M high temperature tapes protect sensitive electrical components during extreme temperature fluctuations. Expect a long-lasting bond when the heat's on with tapes that easily come off—whether you're masking, plating, sealing or potting.

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  • Solder masking tape
    Mask what matters most during the solder reflow process. 3M's full line of solder masking tapes provide proven protection to key areas of printed circuit boards with virtually no adhesive residue.
  • Circuit plating tape
    Low stretch polyester film for machine and hand applications, 3M circuit plating tape is ideally suited for masking during solder stripping and precious metal plating of fingers.
  • Battery sealing tape
    Turn to 3M for battery sealing tape with high crosslink density for good solvent resistance. Engineered for high performance, these tapes also afford battery insulation from excessive heat.
  • LED potting tape
    Improve optical quality of LED parts with 3M's portfolio of LED potting tape. Uniquely blended, high-cure adhesives seal and protect during potting with an optimal matte finish.

Convert to a custom solution. We're a 3M Preferred Converter.

Your custom high temperature tape takes shape at Hisco—our Precision Converting division is a 3M Preferred Converter. Push the envelope when you partner with us for the perfect shape, size or color. We'll engineer the solution that extends applications, enhances your process and fits perfectly into your budget.

High temperature applications require the right tape for high performance.

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