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Make an impact with 3M Bumpon cushioning material.

It's shockingly easy to put an end to the pressures of assembly. Try on 3M Bumpon protective products. Permanently resilient, rubber bumper pads absorb shock, dampen noise and vibration, and put an end to scratches. Your delicate devices deserve cushioning—inside and out. Spacers enable better heat dissipation while stops and feet turn heads. Everywhere you look, a 3M product touches production with everyday solutions that simply attract performance.

  • Pressure-sensitive backing easy to apply
  • Skid and abrasion resistant
  • Marring and staining resistant
  • Won't crack or harden
  • Vibration and shock dampening
  • Can be die cut to a variety of shapes and sizes

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Build a better Bumpon.

Unique size and shape requirements? Bumpon rollstock is press ready for converting—and so is Precision Converting, a division of Hisco. We're a 3M Preferred Converter. We'll die cut your selection to your exacting specifications, so you can always bump on the protection that fits best without breaking the bank.

Simplify your selection process. It's easy with Hisco.

Our representatives are trained to help you meet requirements head on. Whether your solution is standard or custom, let us show you how Bumpon protects better. Simply complete our brief form, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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