Traditional fasteners are obsolete. 3M structural adhesives help you make it better

Traditional bonding applications like rivets, screws or spot welding, can raise manufacturing costs by increasing the weight of the final product, lengthening production times, and allowing water intrusion.

This is where 3M Scotch-Weld outperforms traditional fasteners by providing stronger bonding and sealing in a single operation with superior performance, advanced strength and durability.

How 3M Scotch Weld Structural Adhesives help you make it. Stronger. Better. Tougher. Lighter.

  • Value – Lower Material costs Reduces material costs by replacing nuts, bolts, rivets, washers and more.
  • Weight – Lighter Products Constructed of lightweight polymers to reduce material use and lower final weight.
  • Performance – Stronger Structures Ensures impact resistance to improve overall structural integrity.
  • Aesthetics – Enhanced Design Provides a watertight barrier to protect against corrosion and support a seamless design.
  • Time – Process Efficiency Eliminates production steps by bonding and sealing in tandem to simplify surface prep.

Disadvantages of traditional fastening methods

  • Riveting: Requires drilling. Risk of material deformation. Additional sealing material is often required.
  • Spot welding: Can damage material coatings, surfaces and structures.
  • Screws: Increase the weight of products. Allow corrosion.

It’s time to displace traditional fasteners. Talk to one of our experts about your project.

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