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Get extreme performance for everyday use with 3M 311+ Packing Tape

3M Scotch® 311+ high-tack packing tape delivers industrial packaging performance for damp/cold shipping and storage environments, even in below-freezing temperatures. This 3M tape is excellent for medium-duty and everyday packaging applications, including box sealing, splicing, tabbing bag closures, and palletized shipments. Scotch 311+ tape for packaging delivers optimal performance in highly corrugated fiberboard boxes and extreme temperatures.

Why Choose 3M 311+ Packaging Tape?

Image of a frozen box sealed using 3M 311+ Tape
  • Excellent performance over broad temperature ranges — including freezer and refrigeration temperatures of 20°F to 50°F (-6.6°C to 10°C)
  • Adheres to various surfaces, including corrugated boxes with over 70% recycled content
  • Ease of application by hand, manual dispensers, or 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers
  • Available in 48mm and 72mm widths
  • Ensures a tight seal in even the coldest and dampest of environments
  • High-coating weight acrylic adhesive with polypropylene backing delivers dependable, quality performance
  • Resists UV rays without yellowing for archival applications
  • Meets FDA guidelines for indirect food contact

311 packaging tape is used in the food and beverage, e-commerce, general industrial, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing industries.

Fiber Pull Test: 3M vs Competitors

Measures how much paper fiber the tape pulls off the box upon removal. The higher percent fiber pull, the stronger the tape bond is to the box. The following tapes tested were applied and pulled at 20°F (-6.6°C).

Image of a fiber test swatch using 3M 311+ Tape Image of a fiber test swatch using tape from a competitor. Image of a fiber test swatch using tape from a competitor. Image of a fiber test swatch using tape from a competitor.

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