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3M Aerospace Adhesives - Airplane in hanger

3M aerospace adhesives ensure efficiency and compliance for your aircraft manufacturing and MRO

Aerospace manufacturers and maintenance crews face the most demanding challenges both in aircraft production and in meeting the industry standards. And to solve these challenges you need the most reliable materials and the right partner.

At Hisco we take 3M aerospace products to custom engineer world-class solutions for bonding and sealing applications that also streamline the production of lighter, quieter, and safer aircraft. Our portfolio includes 3M aerospace adhesives, epoxy adhesive paste, and 3M adhesive film to help you ensure compliance with existing aerospace standards and achieve efficiency in production and in the aircraft itself.

Explore Hisco’s tailor-made 3M solutions for the entire cycle of design, production, and maintenance of aircraft, backed by 3M’s more than 70 years of research and development, and application knowledge in the aerospace industry.

Structural Adhesive Films

  • High fracture toughness and peel strength
  • Excellent pre-bond humidity performances
  • Available in multiple cure temperatures

Paste Adhesives

  • High peel and shear strength for aerospace applications
  • Maintain bond strength at high and low temperatures
  • FR and FST solutions available

Partner with Hisco to bring your aerospace projects to life.

Your aircraft design and MRO challenges call for tailor-made solutions, and we can help you with that.

Hisco can bring your projects and ideas to life by applying industry know-how and custom engineered 3M solutions specific to your needs and plans.

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