Cleaner paint jobs begin with paint booth
supplies from 3M.

In the advanced and challenging aerospace industry, technicians and engineers count on the highest quality. 3M’s line of paint booth supplies for aerospace meets the most demanding manufacturer specifications to deliver clean, durable solutions that fit any application — allowing you to cut times in styling and personalization while reducing weight and extending the life cycles of composite parts.

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3M Performance Spray Gun

Built for the industrial painter, the intuitive new 3M Performance Spray Gun boosts productivity, reduces variability and improves overall consistency.

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3M Accuspray™

Engineered to meet any spray application requirement, 3M Accuspray spray guns works with both 3M PPS Legacy and 3M PPS Series 2.0 systems.

3M PPS System (2.0)

The next evolution of the 3M PPS System, Series 2.0 includes new features designed for added stability, easier assembly and improved production times.

3M PPS™ System (Original)

Designed to improve productivity by as much as 15%, the Original 3M PPS System reduces paint and solvent consumption while optimizing efficiency.

3M Dirt Trap Material

A revolutionary material designed for durability in high-traffic areas, 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material is engineered to extend beyond simple surface protection to physically trap dirt, dust and overspray.

3M Surface Finishing Abrasives

Polish, refine, repair and protect with a complete portfolio of 3M surface finishing abrasives, each engineered to help your paint jobs go smoothly.

Achieve a cleaner workspace where virtually dust-free sanding is possible with the 3M Xtract Cubitron sanding disc. This premium net disc from 3M is the ideal solution for your sanding application needs since it helps maintain a cleaner and safer work environment with less rework, resulting in better performance and improved results.

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