3M logo laid over a photo of paint booth spray gun.

Cleaner paint jobs begin with paint booth supplies from 3M aerospace

In the advanced and challenging aerospace industry, technicians and engineers count on the highest quality. 3M’s line of paint booth supplies for aerospace meets the most demanding manufacturer specifications to deliver clean, durable solutions that fit any application — allowing you to cut times in styling and personalization while reducing weight and extending the life cycles of composite parts.

Shop 3M Paint Booth Supplies

Accuspray ONE Spray Gun System with PPS

  • Durable and lighter, easy-to-clean paint gun
  • No rebuild kit needed
  • Thick coating spraying with less mess
  • Low maintenance

Paint Booth Wall, Floor & General Surface Protection

  • Cleaner booth and paint environments
  • Foreign objects debris protection
  • Paint booth overspray protection
  • Cleaner paint jobs

Clean View Pads

  • Prevent overspray on paint booth windows
  • Protect light fixtures
  • Easy layer removal

Body Filler

  • Fewer pin holes
  • Easy sanding filler
  • Body filler tool for easy application

Paint Finishing

  • Prevent dirt in paintjob
  • Protect from dull paint on surfaces
  • Remove oxidation
  • Produce brighter paint jobs

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