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Cool, long-lasting cutting is possible with 3M Cubitron cloth belts

The 3M Cubitron line of cloth belts is engineered to cut fast and run cool in medium- and high-pressure applications. These flexible abrasive belts feature 3M's Precision-Shaped Grain in 80+ - 400+ grades.

Every 3M Cubitron cloth belt offers high conformity, long life, and a high cut rate. Their flexible and durable J-wt backing makes these belts long-lasting, which helps minimize changeovers.

How 3M Cubitron cloth belts work

The mineral fractures continuously as it's used to create sharp new edges allowing for a long-lasting cut rate and consistent finishes.

3M Cubitron II cloth belts contain grinding aid for anti-loading and cool cutting.

Shop 3M Cubitron Cloth Belts


  • Help lower your abrasive spend
  • Increased flexibility and productivity
  • Consistent finishes
  • Exceptional value

Ideal for metal substrates such as:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Soft metals

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Cut with precision — for longer — with a Cubitron II cloth belt from Hisco.

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