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3M VHB Tapes are simple and easy to apply, saving you time and money.

VHB 4611

Provides excellent temperature resistance that allows metal parts to be joined before the painting process. Recommended for metal substrates such as aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

VHB 4905

Commonly used for bonding transparent materials or applications where it is not acceptable to have a visible joint line. Recommended for metal, glass and high surface energy (HSE) substrates.

VHB 4910

Great for shock absorption, noise vibration and hardness control in metal, glass, polycarbonates and transparent materials where a colored tape is not required.

VHB 4941

Delivers optimal adhesion, strength and conformability for high to medium surface energy materials. Plasticizer-resistant. Gray. UL746.

VHB 4950

General-purpose for a range of applications. White. UL746C.

VHB 4991

Ideal for bonding painted and unpainted metals and high surface energy plastics. Also suitable for applications requiring high thickness conformable products.

VHB 5952

Provides good adhesion for painted surfaces including powder-coated paint substrates. Black or White. UL746C.

VHB RP Family

Conformable adhesive offers a secure bond for painted metals. Gray.