ASG - The Power of Zero - Free Power Supply when you buy a new HIOS or ASG electric screwdriver

The power supply is yours—FREE—when you buy a HIOS or ASG screwdriver. Save up to $1,400.

Now's the time to zero in on a HIOS—one of the highest-quality electric screwdrivers in the world—with the error proofing, quality control and flexibility vital to assembly work. Also available, ASG's own TL series—the go-to screwdriver trusted by experts for 40 years.

Decide from dozens of models and receive a free power supply expertly matched to fit your electric screwdriver, assembly and application needs. Be confident you'll have the highly accurate and consistant torque essential to fast and repeatable fastening.

Ready to make a powerful buy?

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  • Promo valid through 12/31/19
  • Note, this offer cannot be redeemed online.
Model Power Supply Series Motor
HIOS A PS-55 4500, 5000 Brushless
HIOS BL 2000, 5000, 2000-SS, 5000-ESD Brushless
HIOS BLG* 4000, 4000X, 4000BC1, 4000XBC1, 4000BC2, 4000XBC2, 4000-OPC, 4000X-OPC, 5000, 5000-X, 5000-15, 5000X-15, 5000-1518, 5000X-1518, 5000BC1, 5000XBC1, 5000BC1-15, 5000XBC1-15, 5000BC1-1518, 5000XBC1-1518, 5000BC2, 5000XBC2, 5000BC2-15, 5000X-15, 5000BC2-1518, 5000XBC2-1518, 5000-OPC, 5000X-OPC, 5000-OPC15, 5000X-OPC15, 5000-OPC1518, 5000X-OPC1518 Brushless
HIOS CL 2000, 3000, 3000-ESD, 4000, 4000-ESD, 6000, 6000-PS, 6500, 6500-PS, 6500-ESD Brushed
HIOS SS 2000, 3000, 3000-ESD, 4000, 4000-ESD, 6500, 6500-ESD Brushed
HIOS SSCR 3000-ESD, 4000-ESD, 6500-ESD Brushed
ASG TL 3000, 3000-ESD, 6500, 6500-ESD Brushed
HIOS A CLT-60 6500, 6500HT, 6500-PS, 6500-ESD Brushed
HIOS CL 7000, 7000HT, 7000-PS Brushed
HIOS SS 7000, 7000-ESD Brushed
HIOS SSCR 7000-ESD Brushed
HIOS CL CLT-80 9000-PS, 9000-PS-HT Brushed
HIOS BL T-70 BL 7000, 7000HT, 7000-ESD, 7000HT-ESD Brushless
HIOS BLG* 5000-HT, 5000X-HT, 5000BC1-HT, 5000XBC1-HT, 5000BC2-HT, 5000XBC2-HT, 5000-OPCHT, 5000X-OPCHT Brushless

*Customers buying BLG-OPC models with free power supply must also purchase a BLOP-SC1 or BLOP-SC3 counter.

Find exactly what you need for your most challenging, critical applications and assembly requirements -

  • Inline, angle or pistol
  • Brushless or brushed
  • ESD-safe selections
  • Excellent ASG warranty
  • Torque ranges to reduce cost and maintenance
  • Multiple power supply choices - PS-55, CLT-60, CLT-80 and T-70 BL
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