AkzoNobel Aircraft Primer Resources

AkzoNobel 10P2-3

This conductive epoxy coating creates an anti-static film that can be air- or force-dried, ideal for fiberglass.

AkzoNobel 10P4-2

This chemically cured epoxy primer provides superior protection against corrosion and chemicals with excellent adhesion to various substrates, ideal for subassembly aircraft components.

AkzoNobel 10P8-11

Two-part, VOC-compliant epoxy primer that provides a smooth finish and improves the appearance of a subsequent topcoat.

AkzoNobel 10P30-5

High solid epoxy primer with excellent resistance to water anc chemicals including Skydrol and hydrocarbon fluids such as TT-S-735. Compatible with intermediate primers, topcoats and sealants.

AkzoNobel 10P30-8

Alumigrip 10P30-8 is a two-part, high build epoxy surface with excellent filling properties, with superior hang-up and easy sanding features.

AkzoNobel 10P20-44

A high solids epoxy primer for exterior use on aircraft that features excellent Skydrol and corrosion resistance. Compatible with urethane topcoats.

AkzoNobel 20P1-10

Chemically cured polyurethane coating engineered for aircraft fuel tank protection against corrosion and contaminants.

AkzoNobel 20P20-3

This polyurethane primer surfacer offers excellent filling properties and easy sanding features; intended for use as an intermediate primer.

AkzoNobel 463-12-8

This two-part epoxy primer provides maximum protection against chemicals, hydraulic fluids, Skydrol, aircraft fuels, and corrosion.

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