Alpha Liquid Flux

Take wave soldering performance to the next level with Alpha liquid flux

Process meets performance with Alpha liquid soldering fluxes based on the industry's most innovative technologies. From no-clean or water-soluble to environmentally friendly (with benefits), the Alpha liquid soldering flux line delivers an optimal wave soldering process solution. Add value to performance with products developed for enhanced reliability and unmatched consistency to deliver defect-free soldering results across a full range of applications.

Rosin-Free No-Clean (Water-Based)

Next-generation formula delivers better overall performance than the leading competitor for smooth solder joints, enhanced cosmetics and defect-free results.
Ideal for use with telecommunications applications and high product mix environments, EF-2202 offers the highest activity of any VOC-free flux.
With its enhanced foam properties and low odor, this flux is developed for wave soldering, mixed technologies and surface mount assemblies.
Designed to deliver exceptional solubility without flux thinner, NR-300A4 flux is non-flammable to eliminate special storing requirements.
Created with difficult assemblies in mind, this flux reduces solder bridging and balls, icicles and skips, and allows easy application of conformal coating.
Ideal for use with OSP-coated bare copper boards with prior reflows, this VOC-free and halide-free formulation leaves minimal non-tacky residue.

Rosin-Free No-Clean (Alcohol-Based)

Environmentally friendly and thermally stable, EF-6000 is delivers exceptional performance and board cosmetics for lead-free and SnPb wave soldering applications.
With its versatile formulation for foam, wave or spray application, this flux exhibits the lowest tendency of solder ball generation with a range of solder masks.
Designed for efficiency, this halide-free, low solids flux can be applied using both spray and wave techniques.
Specifically formulated to resist surface degradation, this flux leaves a tack-free surface with high insulation resistance and very little residue.

Rosin No-Clean (Alcohol-Based)

High reliability and low solids formula is designed for both lead-free and SnPb applications to deliver exceptional performance, board cosmetics and pin-testability.
Developed for surfaces that are not traditionally solderable, RF-800 flux offers high level, long term electrical reliability for both SnPb and lead-free applications.
This full dulling flux provides best-in-class bridging on bottom side SMT components as well as superior overall soldering performance.
With the lowest flux corrosion and the highest surface insulation ratings, the 615 series fluxes meets MIL-F-14256 requirements for flux type RMA.

Water-Soluble (Alcohol-Based)

Featuring a buffered activation system, this non-acidic flux has a neutral pH and is formulated for a defect-free wave soldering process.
Low smoking and efficient, WS-857 foam flux is designed for exceptional performance and rapid recovery in high production environments.
With an added surfactant to broaden preheat temperature, this unique flux eliminates salting and is ideal for conveyor-based soldering applications.
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