Alpha OM-353 solder paste has the performance you need for ultra-fine feature applications

With ultra-fine feature printing and air reflow capabilities, Alpha's OM-353 solder paste provides unmatched throughput and yield. It delivers excellent coalescence for 160µm circle deposits and head in pillow (HIP) resistance with the least amount of visible residue when compared to other pastes. Residue of Alpha OM-353 remains on the solder joint to improve electrochemical reliability and prevent solder wicking on component leads.

Alpha OM-353 is ideal for:

Assemblies with fine features
Assemblies sensitive to component warpage
Processes that currently require cleaning
Components sensitive to flux wicking
Assemblies which do not require SAC305

Key features & benefits:

  • Lead-free, zero-halogen
  • Suitable for both SAC305 and SACX Plus0307 alloys
  • Excellent transfer volume & CpK efficiency at 180µm circle size
  • High tack force and long stencil life
  • Meets IPC 7905 Class III requirements
  • T5 Low Silver air reflow capable
  • Excellent solder joint and flux residue cosmetics

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