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Alpha Assembly Recycling Services - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why pay for solder dross recycling when Alpha will recycle it for free?

Maximize your return on reclamation of solder waste materials — responsibly. As the largest, most knowledgeable solder manufacturer and recycler in North America, Alpha maintains a commitment to reclaiming, reprocessing and reusing the metal waste stream through continuous innovation and relentless investment. The result is an effective, safe solder recycling program designed to help you meet environmental and legislative demands — all while optimizing your financial return.

Why Choose Alpha?

  • Alpha is the leading solder manufacturer and recycler in North America.
  • Working with a company listed on the NYSE ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations.
  • Alpha delivers a higher financial return on investment to its customers.
  • Payment, credits and/or new bar, flux, paste or wire delivery is timely and hassle-free.

Minimize Environmental Liability

  • Dedicated recycling and environmental staff help to minimize your environmental impact.
  • Sealable, durable and recyclable metal containers are provided to all recycling program clients.
  • All shipments are traceable by lot, and audit trails document the environmentally-effective reprocessing of materials.
  • Potential and existing clients are welcome to tour the Alpha facility in Altoona, Pennsylvania to conduct a program audit.

Effective, Responsible Reclamation

  • Materials recycled include pot dumps; dross and skimming waste; spent and unused solder paste; anodes and anode scrap; pastes, jars, wipes and syringes; and, oxides.
  • Alpha offers electronic waste services for circuit board and copper scrap. Alpha also offers the highest return on populated boards. Certificates of Destruction are available to ensure protection of Intellectual Property.
  • All materials shipped to Alpha are processed in-house. Alpha continues to invest and expand its capabilities to take back metal waste and responsibly recycle that waste into high purity raw materials for reuse.

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