Alpha Solder Bar

Elevate solder bar performance with Alpha's Vaculoy dross-lowering treatment.

With a solid reputation for delivering peak performers to match every application requirement, Alpha offers a full range of lead/tin, lead-free, water-soluble and halide-free solder bar formulas. Reap the benefits of Alpha's proprietary Vaculoy alloy conditioning process — engineered to remove impurities, reduce dross rates and keep waves cleaner, longer.


Zero-silver, lead-free alloy offers fast soldering, low drossing and low copper dissolution. Ideal for wave and selective soldering, and hot air solder leveling (HASL) applications
Ideally suited for simple or complex assemblies; fast wetting and high yields in wave and selective soldering processes; Vaculoy alloying process removes several impurities such as oxides
Suitable replacement for Sn63 alloy in the wave solder process; designed to improve copper bifurcation reactions associated with hot, lengthy exposure times during rework and lead tinning
Use to replace SnPb, SAC305 and other low-silver SAC alloys in lead tinning and rework as well as wave solder and selective soldering processes

Tin-Lead (SnPb)

Purest bar solder, low drossing and highest viscosity level alloy; free of cast-in impurities including oxides; increases production speeds and improves throughput
Excellent for fine pitch applications and densely populated boards; elevates production speeds and yields
Manufactured using high-purity raw materials; proprietary conditioning process removes impurities/oxides before casting resulting in low dross and high fluidity
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