Alpha Solder Paste

Alpha high-performance solder paste for reliable, repeatable soldering success.

There's comfort in knowing your choice of product will perform as expected, repeatedly. Alpha solder paste gives you the reliability you count on for delivering high throughput, elevated yields and reduced cost of ownership. Whether for low-temperature processing or fine feature printing, you'll find products to suit all of your PCB assembly needs.

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Designed for fine-featured assembly applications; no-clean solder paste—low in silver and SAC305 capable; long stencil, high tack-force life
No-clean and formulated to produce low-defect head-in-pillow rates; exceptional first-pass yield on ICT/pin testing
Expect consistent performance for eight hours or more; high-soak profile, paste in through-hole
Water-soluble and created for optimal printability and versatility; exceptionally easy to clean with low rate of BGA voiding

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Use for a broad range of applications; no-clean, lead-free formula designed to operate as well at tin/lead processes; offers excellent print capability, especially with ultra-fine feature repeatability (11 mil squares)
Compares in performance to a tin/lead process; especially high performance with ultra-fine feature repeatability and high through-put applications; enabling 0.4mm BGA assembly
Delivers exceptional visual joint cosmetics; IPC Class III and ROLO IPC classifications ensure lengthy product reliability; highest print speed

Tin-Lead (SnPb)


No-clean and formulated to boost SMT yields and repeatability; resistant to environmental conditions; wide process window
Meets the demands of tin/lead soldering when lead-free components are present in the circuit assembly; withstands long, hot-soak reflow profiles
Water-soluble paste providing excellent volume transfer over a wide range of environments; delivers residue-free results

Also Popular

Best for stencil application and air reflow in surface-mount processes where post-reflow cleaning is not required; clear, colorless residue; easily penetrates to enable ATE compatibility (pin testability)
Halide-free, water-soluble; provides consistent print performance and excellent production reliability across all board designs
Water-soluble, halide-free solder paste designed for surface-mount assemblies; excellent stencil printing and cleanliness levels to MIL-C-28809B