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Does Alpha Telecore HF-850 cored solder wire suit your needs? Find out with a free sample from Hisco.

Telecore HF-850 is simply the fastest-wetting and lowest-spattering, halogen-free and halide-free cored solder wire from Alpha. It delivers better performance than products containing halogen and halide and it’s also a safe, easy-to-use and environmentally compliant product.

Ideal for electronic assemblies used in:

Consumer electronics
Computer and peripherals
Mobile devices
Household appliance applications

What the Alpha Telecore HF-850 does best:

  • Drag soldering due to its rapid wetting
  • Minimizes cycle time in robotic and hand soldering applications
  • Allows easy inspection of solder joints
  • Ensures board cosmetics and user comfort due to its very low spatter rate

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