Autosplice Innovative Interconnections ™

Amp up production with interconnect solutions that fit to a T.

Vibration, pull forces, fatigue and more threaten today's wire and cable connections. Automotive, industrial and medical device technicians rely on gas-tight, repeatable, crimped connections and other interconnect technologies. With low resistance in mind—at low cost, they turn to Autosplice. Autosplice is the source for wire splicing connectors, press-fit solutions, stamping products and continuously molded connector products. Reach for flexible assembly solutions with greater reliability and faster throughput, and see fit like never before.

Wire Splicing Machines

Splice Technology

Make a connection with the lowest applied cost wire connection in the industry. Splice or crimp technology from Autosplice cuts, forms and splices connections quickly, and on budget, while meeting or exceeding UL 486C for spliced connections.

SMT Products

Increasing SMT assembly yields is a must. Autosplice shield clips, solderball pins and spring contacts are must-haves. When surface mount technology assemblies and sub assemblies are critical, rely on proven solutions for PCB protection, strength and resistance.


Sock it to traditional loose piece headers; continuous molded autoheader is designed for manufacturing optimization. Its cut-to-size adaptability means easy automated assembly as well as reduced inventories and procurement costs.

FR-4 Headers

Create your custom header or frame with any Autosplice pin, tab or socket without the tooling costs. Increase reliability in SMT applications for minimal investment—from prototype to low- and high-volume production. Count on quick-turn delivery.

Crimp and save with cost-effective connectors from Autosplice.

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