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High expectations? Watch efficiency soar with Brady aerospace labeling solutions.

It’s time to raise your expectations, and take aerospace labeling to the next level with Brady. Designed for lasting performance under the most extreme conditions, only Brady delivers the comprehensive solution — including expertly engineered materials, software, printing systems and specialty options — to provide a complete, end-to-end aerospace labeling solution from start to finish.

Aircraft tubing identification -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
BPS-T-151, ML-STD-1247, MIL-STD-9906C, PS16001.2, NSA0140, ABS2168, 31-099, HS-184, ST9M389, BACT11 Series, NSA0143, ABS0652, SS9030, GT100GU, MA-MF092(093,094,099), FMS3099A, NSA0144, ABS0653

Brady B-999, B-990 and B-992 Fluid Line Tapes are constructed of a flexible, polyester film. Designed for aircraft tubing identification, these tapes offer exceptional performance, high tensile strength, and are resistant to high temperatures and harsh chemicals like Skydrol®.

Aircraft electrical wire & cable adhesive wrapping -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
ABS 5342, MIL-M-87598, BMS13-47, BMS5-139, BAC5307, BAC5307-1, BACT19 Series, DMS2359, PS16001.7, PS17410, PS17110

Brady B-437, B-642 and B-637 wrap-around label materials are constructed of polyvinyl fluoride (Tedlar®) tape for high chemical resistance, low smoke and toxicity release, and exceptional self-extinguishing properties. Continuous operating temperature: 275°F (135°C).

Aircraft heat shrinkable wire & cable identification -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
SAE AMS-DTL-23053/5C (B-342), NSA 937201 (B-342, B-345), MIL-STD-202, Method 215K, MMS809 (B-344), SAE AMS-DTL-23053/18 (B-345), SAE AS-81531, PS17110 (B-342)

Brady-B342, B-344, B-345, B-7642 and B-7646 were designed to meet rigorous aviation flammability, smoke and toxicity requirements. These irradiated, printable heat shrink tubing materials are available in various colors and 2:1 or 3:1 shrink ratios. Temperature range: -95°F to 500°F (-70°C to 260°C).

Aircraft cable bundle identification tags -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
MIL-STD-202 (Method 215K), DMS2409, ASNE_0248, ECM AIB 064

The Brady B-508 Nomex® Tag provides exceptional resistance to heat, solvents and tears, with a -95°F to 265°F (-70°C to 130°C) temperature range. For zero-halogen applications, B-7643 Thermoplastic Polyether-Polyurethane is an option when temperature resistance is not also required.

Wraptor wire marking system -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
BPS-T-151, BAC5307

Increase efficiency at least 5x over with the Brady Wraptor wire marking system. Engineered to automate printing and application of Brady wrapping materials, Wraptor can be used as a standalone system or an integrated production component.

Automated sleeve applicator

Built for durability and the flexibility to match evolving production demands, the Brady BSP®45 Assisted Sleeve Applicator was designed to simplify high-volume sleeve application in any environment. Significantly reduces manual labor through automated sleeve positioning.

Functional & informational labeling solutions -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
BAC5307, BAC5307-1, ABS 0970, ABS 5787, PS16014.1, ABS 5788, NSA 9117, BMS10-25BAC5316, PS16014.1, ABS 5788, MIL-PRF-61002B, PS16001.7, BAC5868, DMS2153, NSA9117, ABS 0970, ABS 5787, ABS5924

Alongside the in-house capacity to create and prototype new materials, Brady also offers a range of qualified substrates. Brady B-423, B-724, B-428, B-457, B-483, B-489, B-7552, B-787, R4300 and R6000 meet approval on aerospace QPLs. Compliant with Spec 2000 Chapter 9-4 and 9-5.

Metal nameplate alternative -View Compliance-Developed in compliance with:
NSA 9117, NSA 931025, NSA 931028, NSA 931029

Brady B-7593 is a cost-effective metal nameplate alternative and does not require riveting or fasteners, and offers exception imprint and surface resistance. Constructed of print-ready polyester with a double-sided adhesive tape, compressible foam carrier and permanent acrylic adhesive.

Aircraft cabin place cards

Engineered for solvent, water and abrasion resistance, Brady B-141 is constructed of print-ready polyester that to support resilient, multi-colored signs, labels and markings for the internal aircraft cabin.

Secure better performance in extreme conditions with Brady.

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