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iCon Trace on table beside computer

Finally, complete traceability in manual soldering. Ersa has reinvented hand soldering for the digital age.

The i-CON TRACE is the first fully networkable soldering station worldwide. Thanks to the integrated WLAN, Bluetooth, and network card, it can be fully integrated into MES-controlled production processes. Now your entire manual soldering process is traceable and documentable.

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Soldering Stations

With the ergonomic soldering tools from the world's leading manufacturer of soldering systems, ideas become actual products. For decades, Ersa has convinced customers of reliable function, rugged, attractive design, and innovative technology with reliability and diversity for each application.

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Rework Stations

With their strong cost/performance ratios and patented IR and hybrid rework technology, Kurtz Ersa's rework stations are at the top of the market. Even in the most challenging SMT/BGA rework applications, these stations consistently deliver repeatable best-in-class results from the first process.

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Ersa EASY ARM solder fume extraction systems efficiently and economically care for healthy breathing air and clean electronic assemblies. New-generation solder fume extraction systems from Kurtz Ersa are more silent and effective than ever.

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Kurtz Ersa Tip Care

Watch how you can maximize the tip lifetime by avoiding common mistakes in the tip cleaning process.

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Kurtz Ersa iCon Trace Soldering Station

See how smart soldering starts with Ersa's iCon Trace, the world's most connected soldering station.

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Kurtz Ersa is a Global Manufacturer of tools and machines for the electronics manufacturing Industry. It works strategically and purposefully to advance its customers’ production worldwide. In all areas, the goal is technological leadership, and the focus is on engineering. The content is closely dovetailed with megatrends such as automation, e-mobility, IoT, and 5G to create sustainable, future-proof solutions.