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Decrease Friction in Medical Applications with MicroCare Duraglide

Duraglide Dry Lubricant reduces friction in medical devices, improving their performance, and speeding up the assembly of plastic and metal components. Dip, brush, or spray Duraglide onto catheters, cutting tools, staplers, hypo tubes, or any "surface to surface" surgical instruments that slide, pivot, rock, or twist.

Swellex Swelling Fluid

This time-saving silicone tubing swelling fluid is engineered to accelerate the assembly of medical devices which require silicone tubing inserted over barbed fittings.

Duraglide Dry Lubricant

A medical-grade, ISO10993-tested PTFE lubricant coating, Duraglide imparts ultra-low surface friction and minimizes device actuation problems in medical device assemblies.

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