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Now Stocking! PPG Sili-Thane 803

Engineered to combine the benefits of silicones and polyurethanes, Sili-Thane 803 offers optimal adhesion to unprimed and acrylic-coated aluminum, concrete, slate, glass, ceramic tile, and a wide range of additional difficult-to-bond substrates. In stock now at Hisco.

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Sili-Thane 803 cauling gun
pouring epoxy repairing crack

PPG is an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives and sealants, available through Hisco.

PPG offers innovative and environmentally friendly products for commercial construction, industrial/OEM, and DIY applications. Their most popular solutions include FastSteel and QuikWood, which help seal, repair, rebuild, and restore anything you can think of. In addition, PPG specializes in the high-shear mixing of highly viscous materials.

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About PPG

As the world's leading provider of automotive, industrial, and architectural finishes, PPG is the ideal coatings supplier for any surface and epoxies to fix, repair, rebuild and restore anything.

PPG constantly delivers high-quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions that you can trust to protect and beautify your products and surroundings.

Don't compromise the performance and looks of your products; choose PPG.

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