Protect aircraft aluminum substrates with Zip-Chem's Cor-Ban® line of corrosion inhibiting compounds. Cor-Ban is formulated for the demanding specifications of aviation maintenance for use on large structural components, small parts, avionics, and cables. In addition, the Cor-Ban line of products allows heavy-duty use and long-term storage.

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Sur-Prep® is a line of general-purpose surface preparation cleaners for avionics. Sur-Prep products deliver specific performance advantages in cleaning efficiency, flammability, VOCs, and other related environmental concerns.

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Calla® products are aircraft cleaners for interior and exterior cleaning. These products include large surface cleaners for the aircraft's exterior, parts and glass cleaners, degreasers, dry wash, and polishing products. Calla also comes with EPA DfE-approved cleaners & disinfectants and odor neutralizers.

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The Aero-Lube line of aircraft lubricants includes multi-purpose greases, silicones, molybdenum disulfide, and graphite lubricants for high-temperature areas, applications requiring penetrating lubricants, and prevention of ice build-up on rubber seals.

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About Zip-Chem

Zip-Chem has been producing cleaning products, lubricants, Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CICs), cleaners, sealants, and adhesives for aerospace, military, and airline industries for over 50 years.

Zip-Chem addresses modern aviation's unique technological challenges with exacting chemical preparations that they supply through innovative packaging and product delivery systems.

This enables Zip-Chem's aviation products to deliver superior performance while controlling costs, reducing waste, and addressing environmental concerns.

Aviation maintenance starts with Zip-Chem. Contact Hisco today!

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