10P20-44 High Solids Epoxy Primer w/EC-273 Curing Solution and TR-114 Thinner. 1.25 Gallon Kit

504957-43288 MFG #: 504957
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  • Brand Name: AkzoNobel
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days From Date of Manufacture

The AkzoNobel 504957 is a high solids urethane compatible, Skydrol®resistant primer for the exterior of aircraft. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion for urethane topcoats.

AkzoNobel 504957 OEM Material Specifications:
  • AkzoNobel: Certification
  • Boeing: BMS 10-144, TY I, GR B - BMS 10-79 TY II&III CL B GR D
  • Boeing Long Beach: DMS 2104, TY I, COMP B
  • Bombardier/Canadair: BAMS 565-008, TY I&II GR B
  • Bombardier/deHavilland: DHMS C4.18, TY III CLB GRB (D)
  • Comac: CMS-CT-201, CL B, GR BI
  • Embraer: MEP 10-068, TY I, CL A&B
  • Goodrich Corp: LGQP 6000, LGQP 6001
  • Mitsubishi: MM1275, TY I
  • Sikorsky: SS 8526, TY I & II
  • Xian Aircraft Corp: XMS1623
AkzoNobel 504957 Features:
  • High solid products differ from conventional products in that the required film thickness will be achieved in fewer passes with the spray gun.
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Optimizes surface for top coat adhesion
  • Kit Includes:
    • 3 quarts 10P20-44 high-solids epoxy primer
    • 1 quart EC-273 curing solution
    • 1 quart TR-114 VOC and HPAS-free reducer
AkzoNobel 504957 Specifications:
  • Brand Name: AkzoNobel
  • Series: 10P20-44
  • Curing Solution: EC-273
  • Thinner: TR-114
  • Type: High-Solids Epoxy Primer
  • Standards Met: BAMS 565-008, TY I&II GR B; BMS 10-144, TY I, GR B, COMP C; BMS 10-79, TYII&III CLB GRD; CMS-CT-201, CL B, GR B; DHMS C4.18, TYIII CLB GRB (D); DMS 2104, TY I, COMP B; LGQP 6000; LGQP 6001; MEP; 10-068, TY I, CL A&B; MM1275, TY I & II; XMS1623