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Magnetic Connection

With a 1-5 pound, perpendicular-breakaway force, the MagSnap 360 ensures a more reliable connection between the wrist band and coil cord, and supports a longer life span.

360° Rotation

Full range of motion between the wrist band and coil cord provides added comfort and freedom while reducing wrist strain.

Dual-Wire Wrist Band

The MagSnap 360 features a dual-wire, metal-expansion wrist band and coil cord to deliver a redundant path-to-ground.

Superior performance meets unmatched comfort.

Featuring a medical-grade series, stainless-steel back plate and links for optimal reliability, the MagSnap 360 performs at 62 times the minimum requirement per ESD S1.1 during stress relief tests. That’s more than 1 million cycles!

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