Elkay Plastics

When It Comes to Protection, Elkay Has You Covered

Don't trust valuable inventory to just any plastic bag. Protect your investment with the company that most professionals use when they need to safeguard their products. Elkay Plastics offers solutions to cover and protect your valuable inventory from dust, moisture, static electricity and a host of potential hazards.

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StratoGray Static Shields

These fully sealable bags protect your products from ESD, moisture, and other particulates that could damage them. For ESD protection, your products are safe with Elkay StratoGray static shields.

Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Each tube is designed to protect sensitive electronic components during packaging, storage, and shipping applications that do not require Faraday Cage protection. This anti-static tubing can be custom-cut to fit almost any length of ESD-sensitive equipment.

  • LDPE Poly Tubing
    Effectively eliminate the risk of static damage where Faraday Cage protection is not required.
  • Anti-Static Tubing
    Perfect for storing, transporting, and packaging ESD-sensitive products where Faraday Cage protection is not required.

Anti-Static Flat Bags

These heat-sealable bags provide static control when Faraday Cage Protection is NOT required. An amine-free interior is compatible with polycarbonate surfaces while the pink-tinted transparent bags provide easy component identification.

  • Anti-Static Flat Bags
    Heat-sealable bags that provide static control in applications where Faraday Cage protection is not required.

Clear Flat Bags

An economical choice for everyday applications. These bags conform to FDA guidelines for direct food contact and are available in various sizes.

  • Flat Poly Bags
    Excellent protection for everyday use, including food applications.

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