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Hard-Core Solutions Encapsulated in Glyptal Insulating Paint

Hostile environmental conditions threaten product reliability. High temperatures. Pressure. Humidity. Why combat them with solutions that only scratch the surface? It's time to dig deeper. Discover the sum and substance of stress relief with Glyptal.

The previous liquids research division of G.E., Glyptal's solutions are solid. At its essence, Glyptal is innovation, and its formulation and manufacturing capabilities are steeped in ingenuity.

Glyptal's nearly impervious primers, sealers, adhesives and coatings continue to penetrate multiple markets with best-in-class chemistries for which it was founded. Electrical, electronics, aerospace and defense industries all turn to tried-and-true Glyptal. Immerse yourself in the solutions that cover a lot of ground.

Most Popular Glyptal Products
Glyptal 1201A
Red Insulating Enamel Aerosol Spray
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Glyptal 1201G
Red Enamel Insulating Paint (1 gal)
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Glyptal 1201Q
Red Enamel Insulating Paint (1 qt)
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Glyptal 1202G
Clear Insulating Glass Varnish (1 gal)
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Glyptal 1500G
Dry Thinner (1 gal)
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Glyptal Solutions Info

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