Trustworthy Solutions with a Competitive Cost Advantage

Really, nothing beats trustworthy. But add to it sustainability and proven results, with superior cost-in-use and operational efficiency, and you've just found the perfect solution for your production process application. With its broad portfolio of BONDERITE® surface technology products, Henkel offers innovative BONDERITE solutions driven by customer experience, usability and cost-effectiveness that are trusted across the industrial manufacturing marketplace.

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Pioneer your own path with advanced specialty coatings, inks, process lubricants and more for a range of industry applications. Built on more than three decades of research and development, Acheson solutions are innovative leaders in the electronics industry.


Protect components across a range of markets, including automotive, aerospace and electronics. The first name in conversion, anodizing and functional coatings, Alodine delivers enhanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion for non-ferrous alloys.


From tubing to wire and impact extrusions, Bonderlube has delivered high-performance lubricant solutions based on research, technical innovation, leadership and experience for more than 50 years. Look to this world leader to reduce cost and improve process speeds.


Put automotive manufacturing in high gear with Granocoat organic coatings. Designed for long-term corrosion protection, Granocoat coatings make galvanized sheets bondable, conductive and suitable for spot welding--a viable basis for extended corrosion warranties.


Opt for tried and true - Lineguard solutions are built on more than 40 years of experience in the design, production and maintenance of metal treatment control systems with innovative technologies and a variety of equipment, systems and process control models.


When it comes to metalworking, Multan sets the industry standard with cost-effective solutions for metal removal and metal forming applications through a push for enhanced cleanliness, longer tool life, reduced scrap rate and diminished consumption.


From plastic surfaces to emulsion removal, high-quality P3 cleaners provide an effective solution to some of the industry's biggest challenges through effective process and parts maintenance.


With a complete portfolio of surface treatment products, Turco solutions are more than surface deep. From cleaning to maintenance of aerospace surfaces, Turco structural adhesives and resins are designed to help aircraft applications take flight.

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