Henkel Dispensing Equipment

Master bonding challenges with Henkel dispensing and UV curing equipment

Revolutionize your production process with the integrated efficiency of Henkel equipment, including a complete range of LOCTITE UV cure systems and adhesive dispensing solutions. From automatic fluid dispensers and robotic systems to simple, hand-held devices for spot curing adhesives, you'll have precise control of low- and high-viscosity fluids.

Why Choose Henkel Equipment?

With advanced technologies rooted in substantial R&D investment, Henkel simply develops products that do more, with less – less time; less exposure to potentially harmful elements. From repairs, calibrations, spare parts and support, to equipment rental and lease-to-own programs, Henkel is your one-stop supplier for adhesives, equipment and technical expertise.

Why Buy Henkel Dispensing and UV Curing Equipment through Hisco?

We've been partnering with Henkel for decades and can ensure the best equipment for your application and budget. Our LOCTITE equipment showrooms across North America make it easy to browse, touch and demo LOCTITE equipment. And, with access to more LOCTITE products than any other distributor in North America, selection is never an obstacle.

Dispensing Equipment

Deliver precise, consistent results with our extensive selection of Loctite adhesive dispensers.

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UV Cure Equipment

Loctite UV curing lights work within seconds, helping to reduce costs and speed production.

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Dispensing Needles

Achieve higher throughput and ensure better results with Loctite precision dispensing needles.

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