Sicomet Instant Adhesive: Henkel Quality. Uncomprimising Value.

You have many important decisions to make every day. Which adhesive to use shouldn't be one of them.

With so many adhesives from which to choose, finding the right one for your application was a daunting task — until Henkel created Sicomet.

This general-purpose, fast-curing cyanoacrylate adhesive is perfect for most everyday jobs, from light construction to bonding metals, plastics, elastomers, and combinations of these substrates. Easy to use, Sicomet features clear, ethyl-grade adhesives that provide excellent bond strengths on diverse surfaces, including plastics, elastomers, metals, and composites. Available in low and medium viscosity and a gel formula, always at a value price.

Stop guessing and start using Henkel's Sicomet adhesive! Visit Hisco online or call a product expert today for more information.

Old Sicomet to New Sicomet Crossover*
Sicomet 100 Sicomet 5019, Sicomet 63, Sicomet 7000, Sicomet 77, Sicomet 8400, Sicomet 9010, Sicomet 9020, Sicomet 99
Sicomet 101 Sicomet 40, Sicomet 50, Sicomet 5023, Sicomet 5044, Sicomet 8300, Sicomet 85, Sicomet 9000
Sicomet 102 Sicomet 65, Sicomet PowerGel

*Crossover suggestions are approximate and based on prior product formulations. These should not be considered an exact replacement.

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