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From sealing and bonding LED light fixtures used in humid environments like saunas—to attaching 3D exterior signage to the tops of taxis—Loctite HY 4090 lets you think outside the box.

By fusing the speed of an instant adhesive with the strength of an epoxy, Loctite HY 4090 stays strong and outlasts traditional adhesives in a variety of internal and external environmental conditions.

Break from accepted adhesive limitations and overcome an infinite number of challenging application problems.

  • Use to improve applications
  • Use in challenging applications
  • Use in applications with undefined requirements
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Critical Attributes:

  • High moisture resistance
  • Vibration, shock loads and impact resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Gap filling up to 5mm
  • UV resistant - suitable for outdoor applications
  • Solvent-free
  • Fast fixture times at low temperatures
  • Low blooming
  • High viscosity/non-drip
  • Appropriate for metals, rubbers and most plastics
  • Clear appearance

Application Examples:

  • Logo bonding, replacing mechanical clips
  • Trim bonding, plastic to metal, plastic to plastic
  • Retaining compound for plastic to metal
  • Gasket bonding
  • Tags to stainless steel, ID tags
  • Sign bonding
  • Wire harness bonding
  • Plastic bonding with water exposure
  • Sealing and bonding of LED lighting fixtures
  • Speaker applications needing to withstand vibrations
  • Electrical components exposed to higher temperatures and moisture
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