Outperform threaded fasteners and reduce costs with LOCTITE Threadlocker

Threaded assemblies fail because of loss of bolt tension. Factors such as improper torque and the exposure to vibration or thermal cycling can lead to assembly loosening.

Traditional fastening devices like washers and nuts leave gaps which allows self-loosening and corrosion.

Replace threaded fasteners with Loctite Threadlocker to ensure a uniform performance. Threadlockers keep vital components of your machines locked from the moment of installation.

Comparison chart of LOCTITE Threadlocker VS Double Locknut

Locknut Threadlocker
Time consuming to assemble Fast assembly
Does not solve gaps and allows vibrational loosening Fills all gaps preventing vibrational loosening and unitizes the assembly
Double nut – increase cost Single nut – reduced cost
Corrodes in place Seals against corrosion
Requires maintaining large inventory Reduces inventory costs – one bottle for all thread sizes

Threadlocker Benefits

  • Increase reliability
  • Outperform locking devices
  • Increase end product service life
  • Prevent galling and corosion
  • Save cost
  • Minimize inventory cost and complexity
  • Allow for disassembly
  • Excellent chemical and thermal resistance

Don't let mechanical locking devices become a problem. Switch to Loctite Threadlocker.

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